Main Conference Programme

Day 1 – Sunday, 9 September 2018

08:30 Registration and Refreshments

Registration and Refreshments

08:55 Opening remarks from the Conference Chair

Opening remarks from the Conference Chair

Planning and Strategy Focus

Planning and Strategy Focus

09:00 Examining current and future trends in the global pharma manufacturing market and identifying new opportunities for Saudi Arabian players

  • Forecasting the regional and global growth of pharma manufacturing market and assessing the opportunities for Saudi Arabian Manufacturers
  • Determining key opportunities, strategies for drug products and technology to effectively compete with global players
  • Evaluating the development of Saudi Arabian pharma manufacturing industry in terms of process technology, IT, regulation and infrastructure to meet international standards

09:45 Updating on the latest cGMP requirements for drug products in KSA to ensure compliance with the regional and global standards

  • Understanding expectations of global regulators from manufacturers in terms of current complex quality compliance environment
  • Updating on the new and evolving requirements of CGMP and identifying their impact on the Saudi Arabian manufacturers
  • Identifying the specific documentation requirements to ensure that products match the desired quality standards

10:30 Coffee and Networking Break

Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 Striking a balance between delivering international quality standards whilst maintaining cost-advantage for Saudi Arabian contract manufacturers

  • Establishing new opportunities in contract manufacturing and its impact on the future demands for Saudi Arabian companies
  • Understanding how Saudi Arabian contract manufacturers are shaping up to deal with high quality and low cost pressures
  • Analyzing the sustainability of contract manufacturers in Saudi Arabia with regards to increasing pressure of cost reduction and quality compliance

Manufacturing Processes, Methods and Techniques

Manufacturing Processes, Methods and Techniques

11:45 Leveraging the latest advances in process optimisation to ensure high volume production and enhanced product quality

  • Evaluating best practice strategies in process optimisation to achieve operational excellence through reduction in process time and increase in yield
  • Optimising a multistep chemical development process and practically implement it into a robust manufacturing process with minimum steps
  • Identifying and reducing process deviation to ensure robust process with minimum failure rate
  • Case study on the practical application of innovative process optimization techniques in pharmaceutical manufacturing

12:30 Prayer and Lunch Break

Prayer and Lunch Break

13:30 Enabling Lean Manufacturing techniques to minimise wastage and reduce cost of drug production

  • Understanding the concepts of lean manufacturing specific to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
  • Contemplating and analyzing the key performance indicators in lean manufacturing to ensure flawless application
  • Identifying and eliminating the non-value added processes to minimise unnecessary costs and ensure on time in full delivery
  • Highlighting practical examples of lean manufacturing through to ensure its successful implementation in the manufacturing process

14:15 Industry perspective: Examining the opportunities and challenges faced by pharma companies in implementing six sigma and lean manufacturing techniques

  • Understanding how six sigma and lean implementation results in significant improvement in efficiency and productivity in manufacturing
  • Determining the practical challenges faced by pharma companies while implementing lean and six sigma and steps towards eliminating these challenges for successful lean implementation
  • Identifying the optimal roadmap and innovative techniques for successful implementation of lean and six sigma in pharma manufacturing
  • Establishing strategies to achieve global regulatory compliance along with successful implementation of lean manufacturing in pharma

15:00 Establishing the importance of implementing process automation as a part of manufacturing strategy to maximise yield and maintain consistent product quality

  • Devising process automation strategy for Saudi Arabian pharma companies to gain competitive advantage and meet stringent international regulatory norms
  • Critically analysing the trade–off between implementing process automation and minimising costs in the manufacturing process
  • Leveraging the latest advances in process automation to ensure competitive advantage and robust processes
  • Case study :Practical implementation of process automation in pharma manufacturing

Open Panel Discussion

Open Panel Discussion

15:45 Outlining the future trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing to maximise growth and revenue potential

  • Identifying the future expectations of domestic and global regulatory authorities with respect to quality standards
  • Understanding the need of a robust business continuity plan and ways to develop it to ascertain long term sustainability and ensure proactive decision making
  • Undertaking strategic capacity planning decisions to ensure best use of the available resources and maximize ROI with practical examples
  • Determining critical areas for energy conservation and alternative sources to save energy and minimize costs
  • Exploring the latest technical advances in machinery and manufacturing processes that are likely to drive the future of Saudi Arabian pharma market

16:00 Closing Remarks from the Chair and End of the Conference

Closing Remarks from the Chair and End of the Conference